I had an abortion when I was 26

I had an abortion when I was 26 11

I had an abortion when I was 26. I was not using birth control since I had not been in a relationship in quite some time. I met someone and it “just happened,” to borrow from an old cliche. The relationship was less than a month old. I was living on a shoestring with a job that was looking less stable all the time (my position ended up being eliminated a couple of years later). We talked about what we should do. We both agreed that an abortion was probably the best route. I never regretted it. And now, many years later, I am thankful that I did not go through with the pregnancy since the man I was involved with proved to be an unreliable person in various ways. I also realize that I was not ready to be a good parent back then. I was too selfish and my struggles would have negatively affected my child. I believe what I did was right for me and my situation at the time. I think all women should be given options, to be able to make these choices for themselves, and not have to face shame due to someone else’s belief system.



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